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© 2019 The ForeFront Media

ForeFront Help



1. Who owns the Copyright?

The ForeFront Media owns all copyrights. However, we will not use the videos for personal benefits or any other profitable reasons. We will not release the content of video and photo to anybody besides the customers who purchased the service.

2. What is the return policy?

We do not return any service that we have delivered. However, if the customer chooses to change the date of service or upgrade the service 90 days (Commercial) or 30 days (Event) before the scheduled service date, we will adjust the change in availability.


3. Are the raw footages included in the Commercial packages?

No, the raw footages are not included in the Commercial packages. We charge extra for raw footages.


4. When is the latest to purchase raw footages?

Every project will be closed 2 months after the service date. It means all raw footages will be removed after 2 months. So, we highly recommend customers to contact us in regards to purchase raw footages within 2 months. 


5. What is the dressing code of your cinematographers  and photographers?

The dressing code of all cinematographers and photographers will be business casual unless customers have special requirements. 


6. What is the insurance policy for our staff?

We require at least 60 days notice before requiring liability insurance proof from customers. We require 30% of payment for liability insurance from customers.


7. How much is it if I want to add 1 additional cinematographer or photographer to my package?

Please contact us for the exact quote. It varies between services. 

8. How much is it if I want to add 1 additional location to my package?

It is $199 for each additional location within 30 miles from the first location. If it is an Off-site Filming or Photography service or the location is more than 30 miles, please contact us for the exact quote.